Outline of Process for Applying for a CMTAA Inc Project Grant

The purpose of this document is to outline the level of funding available from CMTAA Inc. and how to apply for project funding from the CMTAA’s Research Fund. The process has been kept very simple to encourage applications, and it has been developed to ensure openness and equity in the way these funds are allocated. Following this process should ensure that projects considered most likely to meet CMTAA Inc.’s objectives will receive funding, and those who have contributed the funds are made aware of how they are being used to further CMTAA Inc.’s objectives.

CMTAA Inc. receives funds from its members and sustaining partners to assist the Association in meeting its objectives. Membership subscriptions and administration donations are used to enable the CMTAA Inc to manage its administrative functions such as membership, office, newsletter publications and the development and maintenance of the web site. The Association also conducts seminars in Sydney and in its regional areas that are self-funded.

Additional funds are provided by members and sustaining partners for research. These currently amount to approximately $20,000 per year. This level of funding is very modest considering the cost of most research projects and it is the responsibility of the CMTAA Inc. Committee to ensure that these funds are used to the maximum advantage in meeting CMTAA Inc. objectives.

The Association relies on external organisations and individuals to undertake projects and therefore it needs a policy and process by which funds can be appropriately allocated. Projects which could be considered for such grants need not be medical in nature as they can address other member support initiatives such as gathering statistics or lobbying other funding providers for grants.

The CMTAA Committee undertakes a project assessment and funding distribution once a year. The Sydney Awareness Day Seminar is the Association’s annual major event and provides an ideal opportunity to announce project funding, and receive reports from those who have been granted funds in previous years.

The process by which funding applications will be requested and determined is as follows:

It is an expectation that all successful Grant Applicants provide the CMTAA Inc. Committee with regular updates during the period of funding. Project updates can be submitted as either reports, reviews or articles for publication in the CMTAA Newsletter and or presented at the Annual Sydney Awareness Seminar.


  1. Applicant details.
  2. Overview of the complete project being undertaken.
  3. Stakeholders in the project.
  4. Details of the proposed project including timelines and estimated costs for each stage.
  5. Identification of the component for which CMTAA funding is being sought, and the amount being requested.
  6. Outline of other funding sources for the project and the likelihood that these funds will be provided.
  7. Explanation as to how the project (and particularly that part for which CMTAA funding is being sought) will meet the objectives of CMTAA.
  8. Explanation as to how the project relates to others being undertaken by the applicant.
  9. Explanation as to how the project integrates with others being undertaken in Australia or overseas.
  10. Timeline for supply of funding should the application be successful.

The CMTAA Committee, at its discretion, reserves the right to update or alter any of the Terms and Conditions of the Process for Funding Assessment and the Distribution of Grants as at September 30, 2013.

Submit a Funding Application
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