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'Our greatest gift is not in never falling but getting up every time we do'.

This is a quote from Confucius, an ancient Chinese philosopher and educator, and we kind of think it works for us with CMT. At times this disease can be a (real) pain, but if you keep a positive attitude and learn more about your condition it will help you cope with the challenges it will almost certainly bring.

This page is primarily for kids with CMT or for parents with kids with CMT.

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Email: cmtaussiekids@gmail.com

Teen’s Guide to CMT - Being a teenager can be tough at the best of times. It can get even trickier when you have CMT. Click here for a downloadable copy of the Teen’s Guide to CMT. If you’re a teenager with CMT this is for you!

Teen’s Guide to CMT

Teacher’s Guide to CMT - A practical resource to hand to your class teacher, or anyone else involved in your day! Teachers click here for a downloadable copy of the Teacher’s Guide to CMT
Teacher’s Guide to CMT

CMT Aussie Kids Camp - Every year the CMTAA run a camp for kids aged 10 and over who are affected by CMT. The camps are developed as a way to allow kids with CMT to meet, socialise, share experiences and above all, be “normal” for a while and achieve all those things that other kids take for granted. Watch the promo video from our CMT Aussie Kids camps here:



2018 Trip to UK





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